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Joe Pierce

Joe has enjoyed teaching and learning with students from early care to elder care and everywhere in between. Early in his career, Joe received an exciting range of experiences teaching children and adults in Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools. The Seattle, Washington, area took him on further adventures in education as an instructional coach, consultant, university professor, and administrator. At Teachstone, Joe has continued his travels in education by providing CLASS trainings in the United States, Canada, and Europe and by engaging with terrific clients in his Partnerships and Outreach role. He likes a mix of getting out and staying in (and cooking out and cooking in). Joe has roots at the University of Virginia and is delighted to support educational initiatives that were developed there.

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Kovall, 5th grade

Recent Posts

The CLASS Tool Goes to College: Could Your Education Students Learn from It?

06 Aug 2015

Much of what I really needed to know about teaching I learned teaching kindergarteners. I needed to learn it all again when I taught adult students in teacher education courses. At every level, the importance of interactions and emotional, organizational, and instructional support made the difference.

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Exploring the Upper Elementary and Secondary School Levels

30 Jul 2014

UE? CLASS-S? You may not be aware that there are CLASS observation tools and supports for use at the Upper Elementary and Secondary School levels. I’ve facilitated quite a few trainings at these levels and am excited to see them being used more widely. Most people I meet in the process find the upper-level tools aligned with school-wide initiatives, best practices, and their own sense of what good teaching looks like.

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