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Mamie Morrow

In 2013 Mamie joined Teachstone as a MyTeachingPartner (MTP) coach and now enjoys her role as a Professional Development Specialist. She loves using the CLASS system to help teachers increase and enrich classroom interactions. Her diverse background as an early childhood and elementary teacher in schools around the world helps her to form meaningful connections with educators. Having worked with children in New Mexico, Germany, Guam, Alaska, Japan, Washington DC and Florida, she appreciates the powerful impact effective interactions have on children. Mamie lives in Florida with her husband and two young daughters.

Favorite teacher: Patsy Giffin, Drama (High School)

Recent Posts

Overcoming Logistics & Time Challenges in Your New Professional Development Initiative

09 Nov 2016

At our 2016 InterAct CLASS Summit, we asked a group of educators to share their biggest difficulties in implementing professional development within their organizations. Despite the group’s diverse backgrounds, they reported similar challenges:

  • Getting buy-in
  • Uneven teacher skill sets
  • Planning and logistics
  • Time constraints
  • Sustainability
  • Costs

We're excited to introduce the third post in our four-post series discussing strategies to help with these common challenges.

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6 Challenges of Implementing a New Professional Development Initiative

12 Jul 2016

What do you do when faced with a task that just seems daunting and overwhelming? What helps you feel ready to take on new challenges? Do you ask for help from others who have been there, done that? Seek advice from an expert? Well, when it comes to professional development, Teachstone is here to help. We have years of experience researching and finding solutions to the challenging task of providing teachers with meaningful and effective professional development.

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Teacher Sensitivity: A Sensitive Coaching Topic

27 Jan 2016

Imagine classrooms filled with children who are comfortable taking risks, sharing ideas, and working cooperatively with their peers. Can this become the norm in classrooms across the nation? Yes, because this is what consistent and effective Teacher Sensitivity (TS) cultivates in the classroom. Research tells us that teachers who are aware of and respond to each child, supportively facilitate the ability of all children in the classroom to explore actively and learn.

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Using Self- and Parallel Talk to Enhance Communication Skills

23 Jun 2015

Across the nation, teachers learning about CLASS are being asked to narrate their actions and sportscast their children’s experiences in order to support and encourage healthy language development. Hearing this, many teachers may wonder, “Will people think I’m crazy if I start talking to myself in the classroom?” The answer is no. Self- and parallel talk are beneficial strategies for teachers to engage in because they strengthen language rich environments and enhance vocabulary development, all while supporting effective relationship building between teachers and children.

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How to Help Children Answer Open-Ended Questions

22 May 2015

We recently reposted a popular blog post about asking open-ended questions. We are thrilled that early childhood educators are becoming more intentional about engaging children in meaningful learning conversations. But has this ever happened to you? 

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