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Matt Owens

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Digging Deeper in myTeachstone with a Little Help from Sesame Street

28 Sep 2016

To talk about CLASS, you have to start with kids. Beginning anywhere else just doesn’t capture what’s at the heart of CLASS: interactions that help children grow and improve their outcomes.

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How We Design for Adults to Improve Child Outcomes

15 Mar 2016

When I was a teacher, improving classroom interactions meant changing my behavior. While this wasn’t always easy, I always felt like I had direct control. I could drive the change.

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Better Every Day: Online PD and a Culture of Improvement

12 Feb 2016

Long before my time developing online professional development for teachers, in my first year of teaching middle school, I received a gift I would never get again. My principal gave me one day and three rules:

  • Don’t work.
  • Watch other teachers.
  • And learn. 
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How do you Promote Teachers’ Growth? Learn about Parallel Process

13 Nov 2015

“Show. Don’t tell,” said every writing teacher ever. And just as common was students’ response: “Why?” Whether describing a setting sun or explaining Feedback Loops, I’ve always found it easier to just tell. But I’ve never found it as effective as showing. That’s why I was especially excited to get to spend an hour talking with folks who support teachers’ growth about how to interact with teachers in ways that help show them the kinds of effective interactions we want them to have with kids. We call this kind of showing parallel process. Watch the recording of our webinar to hear more of our conversation.

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