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Sara Diamond

Always drawn to working with young children, Sara began her career in early childhood as a Toddler Teacher. Her sense of adventure has guided her through experiences that include teaching, observing, and administrating programs for families and young children. Now, as the Training Manager for Teachstone, Sara enjoys flying the friendly skies to provide support to those who are learning, measuring, and improving classroom interactions using the CLASS measure. When not at work, Sara can be found enjoying the outdoors—camping, hiking, or walking her dog.

Recent Posts

Transitioning CLASS from Pre-K to Infant and Toddler Classrooms

29 Dec 2015

So, your program is using the CLASS observation tool in pre-K classrooms. That’s wonderful! Here are a few things to think about as you consider transitioning to include use of the CLASS at the infant and toddler age levels as well.

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You Don't "Do" CLASS—You Are CLASS!

15 Jun 2015

I had the pleasure of presenting a session on the CLASS at a recent conference. Before beginning, I was doing my usual checks to be sure that everything was ready, that participants were getting signed in, and that no one was roaming the hallway trying to locate the session. As I stood near the doorway, two teachers approached and inquired about the session saying, “Will you be explaining how we do CLASS?”

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Reflections from Our First Infant CLASS Trainings

27 May 2014

Training on the Infant CLASS measure has officially begun! Our first trainings, hosted by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), were recently held in Washington, DC. Together we explored the development and growth of young children and discussed the importance of children’s first relationships in classrooms or care settings. Using the framework of the CLASS measure, we connected children’s developmental needs with teacher practices that build relationships, provide security, encourage exploration, and support learning.

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Here Comes the Infant CLASS Measure!

03 Mar 2014

We are thrilled to announce that April 1, 2014, is the expected delivery date of our new bundle of joy, the Infant CLASS™ measure.

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Don't Feed the Bears (But DO Provide Quality of Feedback to Children)

24 Jan 2014

On a summer camping trip at a national park, “Please Don’t Feed the Bears" signs were everywhere. When my nephew inquired about this, the park ranger explained that feeding them would encourage the animals to return for more. Suddenly it hit me: while it’s not desirable in the forest, isn’t that exactly what we want to encourage in our classrooms? We want children to return for more, to persist with learning experiences, to engage with us in sustained discussions about their work.

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Get By with a Little Help from Your Trainer

20 Nov 2013

A dear friend once told me, "The best phrase you can use in marriage is ‘You may be right.’” And she was absolutely correct! In today’s world, we are surrounded by those who are quick to share advice across a variety of experiences—life advice, relationship advice, career advice, funny advice, and sometimes absolutely irrelevant advice! There are times that we seek advice out and times that advice is freely offered to us. With advice from so many different sources, including our family, friends, colleagues, and social media, the challenge may be deciding what advice to follow.

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Understanding the Highs and Lows of CLASS Scores

18 Sep 2013

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