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Sedra Spano

Sedra Spano began her career as a pre-K teacher in Chapel Hill, NC, and has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MEd in Educational Psychology, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to joining Teachstone, Sedra worked on the National Center for Research in Early Childhood Education (NCRECE) professional development study, both as a CLASS instructor and a CLASS coach supporting pre-K teachers in Charlotte, NC. She spent her first three years at Teachstone working as a MyTeachingPartner (MTP) Specialist and Lead Specialist. She now serves as a Client Implementation Manager, working with states in the Southeast.

Recent Posts

A Brief Interview with NHSA's Vanessa Rich

10 Jul 2015

When we were in Chicago in July, 2015, we caught up with Vanessa Rich, the President of the National Head Start Association and the Deputy Commissioner, Family & Support Services for the City of Chicago. I had the opportunity to ask her about how she leverages data to make decisions about professional development for teachers. Vanessa believes that in Chicago, and across Head Start, reflection is the most important link between data and improvement efforts.

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The CLASS Tool in Higher Education

19 Jun 2014

I was happy to have the opportunity recently to speak with close to 100 ACCESS group members at the NAEYC PDI conference in Minneapolis on June 9th. The Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators–ACCESS to Shared Knowledge and Practice, known as ACCESS, is a national, non-profit group whose purpose is to support and advocate for associate degree programs in the preparation of early childhood professionals.

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Measuring What Works for Children: CLASS for School & KIPS for Home

17 Jan 2014

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