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Teacher Spotlight - Gynna Garrett

09 Sep 2016

Gynna Garrett is a pre-K teacher in Bartow County, GA. As our September Teacher of the Month, I asked Gynna what makes her classroom unique.

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Teacher Spotlight: Tracy Howard

08 Aug 2016

Many of the teachers I have had the pleasure of interviewing have talked about the challenges they face in the classroom like guiding and managing behavior or maintaining enthusiasm for their work. Tracy Howard, our August Teacher of the Month talked about another challenge she ran into—a classroom full of children who didn’t speak English—and how she worked through it.

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Teacher Spotlight - Sandra Copes

11 Jul 2016

Sandra Copes has been a Head Start Teacher in Harrison County, Kentucky for over 25 years. Her coach, Ms. Vickie, recommended Sandra because, “Working with Sandra is a pleasure. She is open to suggestions and is very thoughtful about how things play out in the classroom. She is the first to try new ideas and help other teachers. Her enthusiasm is contagious and makes us all better.”

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Teacher Spotlight - Maria Fuentes

10 Jun 2016

This month, we’re featuring Maria Fuentes, a preschool teacher at Faith Early Learning Center in Ohio.  When her coach Rozlyn nominated her, she wrote that Maria, “exhibits a true love of children which is observed in her daily interactions with them.”

Maria supports dual language learners (DLL) and talked to me about how she got into teaching, what is so critical about supporting DLL, and how she thinks about CLASS in conjunction with other assessment and monitoring tools.

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Teacher Spotlight - Kelly Barrett

03 May 2016

Kelly Barrett, our featured teacher of the month, was such a joy to talk to. Here’s what her nominator shared about her:

“Kelly, has an exceptional connection with her students. She has the ability to mesmerize them with a story or song, and understands the meaning of learning through fun. Her appreciation of CLASS can be seen on any given day.”

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Teacher Spotlight - Savannah Jackson

06 Apr 2016

Savannah Jackson has been a Lead Teacher at Taylor County Head Start in Florida for only a year, and she has already learned a tremendous amount. I had the opportunity to interview Savannah and learn what it’s like in her classroom on a given day.

While Savannah, like many teachers, doesn't know a lot about the CLASS tool, she incorporates many of the dimensions into her teaching without even realizing it.

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Teacher Spotlight - Kara Pippin

04 Feb 2016

Some teachers inspire you with their passion for what they do, and you know that the children in their classrooms are in great hands. Kara Pippin is one of those teachers. I had a great time talking to Kara, learning about what makes her tick, and seeing how she uses her passion to inspire other teachers.

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Teacher Spotlight - Teresa Belcher

06 Jan 2016

Teresa Belcher teaches young children at Cinderella Early Childhood Center in West Virginia. Teresa's administrator, Verna Smith, nominated her for "always using best practices." I was able to learn more about her best practices when she sat down with me to share her experiences in the classroom.  

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Teacher Spotlight - Kelley Martin

07 Dec 2015

I had the opportunity to chat with Kelley Martin, a pre-K teacher at Weakley County Head Start in Tennessee. Her adminstrator, Mitzi Gilliam, noticed improvements in Kelley's CLASS knowledge.

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Teacher Spotlight

17 Nov 2015

This month's Teacher of the Month is Elisea Ochoa who opened her own child care center in Santa Ana, California. Elisea works with children ages 0-5 who speak both English and Spanish. Thanks for sharing your story, Elisea!

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