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Tricks for Coping with CLASS Training Anxiety

23 Jan 2017

I, like so many others, suffer from anxiety. When I first started training full time for Teachstone, the anxiety I suffered the day before CLASS training was almost debilitating. After nearly two years of full-time training, I still have pre-training anxiety, but I’ve learned a few tricks to help me cope. Maybe they’ll help you too.

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A Glimpse Into Video Diversity at Teachstone

20 Jan 2017

As the Content Asset Manager at Teachstone, I spent most of my time managing our classroom videos. So when I talk to CLASS users in the field, I am frequently asked about the amount of racial, ethnic, and regional diversity in our video collections. When I respond, I usually begin by explaining that creating products that reflect the diversity of classrooms and communities across the country is a core value for Teachstone. 

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Open or Closed-Ended? How to Deal with Ambiguous Questions

17 Jan 2017

The scenario: A teacher is sitting with several children having snack, and the teacher asks a student, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” 

Is this question open-ended or closed-ended?

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4 Ways To Help Your Trainees Prepare For CLASS Observation Training

12 Jan 2017

As trainer, you know that the CLASS Observation Training is an interactive, content-packed experience, and even the most enthusiastic participants may find it difficult to think clearly as they gather their notebooks to head home at the end of day two. Of course we understand how busy everyone is leading up to a training, so none of the below is technically required of trainees before they attend your training. However, a few minutes of preparation can give you a framework for the CLASS knowledge they are about to gain, enriching the experience for each participant and the group as a whole! 

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Don't Panic! What To Do When A Trainee Asks a Question and You Don't Know the Answer

09 Jan 2017

I just spent the last few days, weeks, and even months preparing to deliver a new training. I read over all the material until I am confident that I have it down pat. My office walls are plastered with posters listing key points that I need to cover, and all my terminology is written out on note cards (you know the ones - domain, dimension, indicator, and behavioral marker). I’ve run through my PowerPoint presentation countless times and made sure that I was aware of time and pacing. I’ve practiced in front of a mirror, or even some willing family member that has been so kind to listen to my delivery. When I go to bed at night, thoughts of what I will say and how it will go continue to run through my head, long after the time that I should be sleeping. I just know that the time I have spent and the dedication to this work has prepared me to be an effective facilitator.  

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Jan 2016 Ramblings From the Road: What My Junk Drawer Has To Do With CLASS

06 Jan 2017

In this monthly series, CLASS trainer Carmen C. Virginia, shares her thoughts and insights as she travels around the country spreading the good news about the CLASS. This post is a bit unique because it comes from an idea she came up with at home, during a break from training. 

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Yes, Discussing Evidence is Critical—Even When Everyone is “Within 1” of the Master Code!

03 Jan 2017

The Pre-K CLASS Observation PowerPoint presenter notes, starting with Training Video 3 (Cars and Latters Stamping) states: 

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From the Pulpit: A CLASS Intro Training that Miraculously Worked

22 Dec 2016

Boy, do I remember my first CLASS Introduction trainings! I was nervous presenting a new training, and not quite sure about the activities. Many Intros later, I found insight into making this training successful. One of my first Intros was held in a church. I was quite literally “preaching from the pulpit” and the participants were in the pews! I experienced some challenges, but it was a great opportunity to learn how to be a better CLASS trainer.

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Ramblings from the Road: December 2016

20 Dec 2016

We are continuing our monthly blog post series, Ramblings from the Road," where one of our staff trainers (AKA Carmen C. Virginia) shares her thoughts and insights as she travels around the country spreading the good news about the CLASS. This time, Carmen notices something interesting about her training participants. 

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Reflection of a CLASS Trainer: A Year in the Life

15 Dec 2016
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