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What the Head Start Performance Standards Mean for Coaching & Professional Development

13 Oct 2016

As a former teacher, teacher leader, and teacher educator, I understand at my core the tremendous impact that a high-quality teacher can have on the lives of children and their families. But, I also know the deep feelings of frustration we often feel as teachers and leaders when we just cannot figure out to connect with, how to motivate, how to engage with those children within our classrooms that we are desperately trying to reach but just fail to figure out.  

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Teachstone Helps with Early Head Start Child Care Partnership Grants

25 Jul 2016

What is the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership Grant (EHS-CCP)? 

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Teacher Spotlight - Kelly Barrett

03 May 2016

Kelly Barrett, our featured teacher of the month, was such a joy to talk to. Here’s what her nominator shared about her:

“Kelly, has an exceptional connection with her students. She has the ability to mesmerize them with a story or song, and understands the meaning of learning through fun. Her appreciation of CLASS can be seen on any given day.”

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CLASS Success Story: Going Through Head Start Recompetition

21 Apr 2016

Last month Brenda Zedlitz shared a guest blog post with us about how her program had to recompete for their Head Start grant in 2012. Her first post attracted a lot of attention, so we followed up with her to get her take on a few more questions.


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How We (More Than) Survived DRS

03 Mar 2016


The Head Start Designation Renewal System (DRS) is the party that I got an invitation to that I really didn’t want to attend. But, ultimately, we realized it really was a party, and we wanted to be there.

Let me explain.

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Teachstone's Official Comments to Proposed Head Start Standards

23 Sep 2015


Following up on my blog post from a month ago, I’m pleased to share our final comments submitted to the Office of Head Start. We applaud the work of the Office of Head Start (OHS) in proposing new program performance standards stemming from a review of the current, applicable research on early childhood education and child and family development, and we appreciated the opportunity to submit comments.

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Overview of the Proposed New Head Start Performance Standards

17 Aug 2015

For me, this is a dream assignment: review the proposed new Head Start Performance Standards! I love diving into regulations and analyzing how they may be interpreted and applied in real-world settings, and, equally, I love advocating for young children and their families, teachers, and caregivers.

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Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Case Study: One Program’s Comprehensive Approach

08 Jul 2015

As part of the recent federal Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership grant initiative, Early Learning Ventures (ELV) was awarded an annual grant of $3.1 million to serve 240 children and families in Arapahoe, Garfield, Mesa, and Pueblo counties in Colorado. ELV will combine the comprehensive nature of Early Head Start services with our shared services model, which uses networks of independent child care centers and family child care providers to promote business efficiencies and quality among small providers in each community. Approximately 30–40 licensed child care centers and family child care homes (approximately 60–70 classrooms) will participate in this innovative model to increase program quality as well as school readiness for all children and families. With the idea that school readiness is a shared responsibility and that quality improvement is much broader than what occurs in the classroom or by any one individual, the ELV Partnership model affords an equitable distribution of resources for participating child care providers. The ELV Partnership model supports programs in five areas that are key to program quality: 

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Announcing the 2015 NHSA-Teachstone Scholarship Winners!

13 Apr 2015

Last week at the National Head Start (NHSA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC, we were honored to recognize the winners of the 2015 NHSA-Teachstone Scholarship Awards. These NHSA members embody the spirit of our work at Teachstone, where we recognize the parallel process centered on supporting teachers in their most critical role in the classroom: educating and nurturing the youngest members of the next generation.

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From CLASS Anxiety to a Path of Improved Quality for Head Start

11 Mar 2015

I remember when the word “CLASS” struck fear within Head Start teaching staff. When the Office of Head Start announced that CLASS scores would be used as one measure of program quality during program monitoring reviews, it left many teachers anxious and concerned. Imagine being a teacher in a small rural program knowing that your CLASS scores alone could result in the loss of critical services for children, a valuable resource for the community, and jobs.

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