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Jennifer Park

Jennifer oversees Teachstone’s applied research and public policy program. She served as a preschool teacher, researcher, evaluator, school administrator, and consultant. She was the first research director for Teaching Strategies, Inc. In Florida’s Office of Early Learning, she was responsible for statewide quality improvement for the state’s CCDF program. She led an unprecedented $16 million effort to improve the state’s early learning program and developed a comprehensive plan targeting professional development, program assessment, child screening and assessment and the development of a statewide, integrated data system. She also led the development of the state’s first joint birth to age 5 standards for subsidized child care and the state’s Pre-K programs. Jennifer embraces the challenge of translating complex early learning concepts to diverse stakeholders and obtaining buy-in to execute complicated program plans to better serve children and professionals who care for them. She has served as a school administrator in independent and charter schools. Outside of work, Jennifer is a parent partner to her daughter’s and son’s teaching communities.

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Patton, Algebra