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Kathryn Surchek

Kathryn stays busy, whether at work, where she keeps a close eye on Teachstone materials, or at home, where she manages a full household (two children, two dogs, one cat, one husband, and four schedules). Passionate about education and interactions, she spent her teaching career supporting students—from those at risk of failure and dropping out, to pregnant teens, to honors students—as they used reading and writing to deepen their self-understanding. She left the bricks-and-mortar classroom for online education, creating multi-media courses for teachers and administrators, before finding her way to Teachstone, where she’s been involved with the development of every program we offer! With her great respect for educators and their daily challenges, she gets fueled by talking with teachers and coaches and the children they support. With two daughters of her own, she sees even more the importance of high-quality education.