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I Added CLASS to my ECE College Courses, and Why You Should Too

09 Aug 2016

I’ve been in the field of early childhood education for over 35 years and absolutely LOVE the CLASS tool. I wish I had CLASS during my years as a teacher and director of ECE programs. I am grateful to have the CLASS tool now to express my continual love for ECE and the importance of great teaching in the early years of children's lives.

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Looking at Teacher Preparation through the CLASS Lens

14 Jun 2016

Just as Alice is about to fall through the looking glass into an unknown world, a new cohort of teachers are about to walk across their academic stage into the unknown world of their own classroom. Is it too late to evaluate their readiness to transform their enthusiasm for education practice and principles to the day-to-day challenges presented by a diverse group of young learners? Or, is it more appropriate to ask, what is needed to move these successful students from the safety and familiar halls of higher education to the unfamiliar classroom in the ever-changing arena of education? 

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How to Prepare Students for Teaching across Differing State Standards

02 Jun 2016

You may have noticed the increase in interest in early childhood education (ECE) programs on a national scale. Finally! The topics of child care and ECE have come up in election speeches, legislation, news articles, blogs, and social media on a regular basis. States are using Race to the Top and other funding, as well as adding early learning standards and quality improvement systems (QRIS), with many requiring programs to participate to receive funding. Early childhood educators are being required to go back to school and increase their education for Accreditation or QRIS systems.

The momentum is strong and the energy is high! 

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How My Teacher Prep Classes Failed Me

22 Apr 2016

We focus a lot on how to help teachers once they are in the classroom, but what can we do to help prepare teachers for success before they even get into the classroom? Recently, I spoke with *Tammy, a teacher who has been in the field for three years. She explained how college prepared her for her work in the classroom, how it didn't, and what she has learned since.  

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Ideas for Professors Introducing CLASS to Teachers in Training

19 Jan 2016

We’ve all been there—the spring semester is looming around the corner. Although you have the gist of the syllabus planned, the details still need to be worked out. Assignments need to be finalized and engaging classroom activities need to be developed.

Here are a few ideas that you might be able to adapt for your course.

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How Blue Ridge Community College Is Training Teachers with CLASS

28 Oct 2015

Building positive relationships through community and student engagement is one of the core values for the education department at Blue Ridge Community College, a community college located in Flat Rock, NC, with NAEYC-accredited education programs. Faculty in the early childhood and school-age education programs support their students’ success by modeling professionalism, ethical standards, collaboration, and community involvement. Since building positive relationships has been a core value of the program, faculty encourage students to develop positive interactions with children in classroom observations, volunteer work with children, as well as in their practicum experiences.

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CLASS: A Recipe for Success in Teacher Development

08 Oct 2015

I once gave a cohort of student teachers each a magic wand as they approached their graduation. My colleague Maggie and I told the soon-to-be-teachers that their wand wasn’t a tool for summoning a fairy godmother to their respective new classrooms (although they were instructed to keep in touch). The wand was intended to serve as a reminder that there is no magic formula in teaching; however, there is a sound, scientific recipe for success, which they had already become very familiar with: the CLASS tool.

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The CLASS Tool Goes to College: Could Your Education Students Learn from It?

06 Aug 2015

Much of what I really needed to know about teaching I learned teaching kindergarteners. I needed to learn it all again when I taught adult students in teacher education courses. At every level, the importance of interactions and emotional, organizational, and instructional support made the difference.

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Tech in Early Childhood Education #3: Barriers to Engaging Effectively in Online Learning (and Ways to Overcome Them!)

09 Jan 2015

In my last post, Online Professional Development—Why Bother?, I discussed the benefits of online learning for effective teacher professional development.

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Tech in Early Education #2: Online Professional Development - Why Bother?

19 Dec 2014

Online learning is all the rage. With the advent of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), we have more opportunities than ever before to explore new information, perspectives, and people. Valuable online learning experiences are available for teachers, students, and professionals in nearly every field. For example, in K-12 and higher education, the concept of “the flipped classroom” is becoming more and more popular.

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