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Quiz: Which Pre-K Dimension Describes Your Life?

27 Jun 2017

If you're like me, you've started to notice that CLASS domains and dimensions are applicable to life even outside the classroom. You start wondering why your siblings aren't giving more regard to your perspective, and you start asking your significant other more open-ended questions.

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InterAct 2017 Infographic

23 Jun 2017

InterAct 2017 was a huge success! Huge thanks to everyone who attended, presented, and to the Teachstone staff who helped out behind the scenes (especially Meghan Cornwell for orchestrating the event). You can check out a few recordings of the 2017 sessions and keynotes on our website.

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Effective Teacher-Child Interactions and Child Outcomes Infographic

23 May 2017

This spring we released a new research paper, "Effective Teacher-Child Interactions and Child Outcomes." It summarizes what 150 peer review studies have to say about CLASS. In conjuction, we designed a handy infographic with a few key points and stats from the paper. You'll also find a few facts about Teachstone. Enjoy!

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4 Healthy Recipes for Week of the Young Child

25 Apr 2017

Teachstone is celebrating Week of the Young Child hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We'll be posting articles, videos, activities, and more all week on Facebook and Twitter.

For Tasty Tuesday, we've found a few healthy recipes for every mealtime, including dessert. These recipes are easy to assemble and make, and your early learners can help out as well. What are your favorite healthy recipes?

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Why CLASS Specialists Love Analogy (and you should, too!)

07 Mar 2017


CLASS Specialists are always thinking about the complexity of the CLASS tool as we prepare for our trainings. As a trained CLASS observer, I am comfortable observing and recognizing quality interactions that fit in the tool. But I needed a strategy to convey this information to those who may not be as familiar with the tool.

As it turns out, using an analogy is a perfect way to make the complex relatable, less overwhelming, and more familiar to our participants. 

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The 7 People You Will Meet at InterAct2017

13 Dec 2016

InterAct 2017 is not too far away. If you didn't attend last year, you probably don't know what to expect, or have a good idea of who you might might meet. Read our list below to find out who you will you be. And which of these people are most like your favorite work colleagues?

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What Teachers Have Inspired You?

05 Oct 2016

It's no surprise that we at Teachstone have been impacted and inspired by many teachers. So, today we wanted to share a little more about who these educators are and how they've made a difference in our lives.


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Meet One of the Youngest CLASS Observers

23 Jun 2016

During one of Teachstone’s regional trainings, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a father-daughter team in my training; the mother was also in attendence but in a different session. I know they say that the family that prays together stays together, but perhaps it’s also true that families who code together stay together! 

Meet Samantha St. Clair, probably the youngest certified CLASS observer I know.

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Why Become a Teachstone Guest Blogger?

27 May 2016

I’ll be the first to admit it: The word “blogging” seems so ... dated. When I graduated college my brothers joked me that I would get a job as a professional blogger—an idea that seemed downright ridiculous. And here I am—managing the Teachstone Blog!  So what the heck does that mean? And what does this all have to do with you?

In short, my role is to find great authors who can talk about an array of topics. How boring would this blog be if I wrote each post? You’d probably hate it because I would write too much about my brothers teasing me. Or my cats.

So here’s my open-letter to you—why you are the best thing that can happen to our blog.

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How We (ECE Professionals) Chose Our Children's Schools

25 May 2016

When I began looking for a child care program for my daughter, I was confident I would find the best school for her and that my years at Teachstone would guide me in finding the perfect program. It wasn’t that easy.

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