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Vlog: Regard for Child Perspectives in Toddlers

17 Aug 2017

Mary Margaret-Gardiner and Sarah Hadden discuss the Toddler CLASS dimension Regard for Child Perspectives. You'll learn why there isn't a student expression indicator and the importance of non-verbal choices. Before you watch, check out their previous vlog, Regard for Student Perspectives in Pre-K, and think about the differences between these two dimensions.

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How to Support Young Children's Social-Emotional Skills

13 May 2016

I have another rant.

Last time I focused on how adults underestimate children’s cognitive skills. This time, I'd like to talk about how adults tend to overestimate children’s social-emotional skills.

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Teacher Tips: Fostering Peer Relationships

27 Apr 2016

Promoting Social Development

We all know people are naturally social beings—we need interactions to survive. But just because we’re naturally social doesn’t mean we naturally know how to be social. We have to learn social behaviors—from our families, caregivers, and peers. Teachers play a key role in promoting social development, which includes peer play and friendships.

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How To Get Your Child to Listen: Finding Parallels with CLASS Dimensions

08 Apr 2016

Tell me this title doesn’t get your attention: How to Get your Child to Listen? Having this answer is like the magic spell that parents (and teachers) everywhere are looking for. I was excited to see that the author of the original post was none other than our colleague at the University of Virginia, Amanda Williford. 

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Why Aren't the Infant and Toddler CLASS Tools the Same?

21 Mar 2016

Let's talk today about the CLASS tool being used for infants and toddlers. You may be familiar with the fact that the Infant measure (birth to 18 months) has one domain—Responsive Caregiving— with four dimensions, while the Toddler measure (15-36 months) has two domains—Emotional and Behavioral Support and Engaged Support for Learning—with eight dimensions.

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CLASS Resolutions for 2016

08 Jan 2016

The science is in on New Year’s resolutions. According to a recent article by Bob Sulilvan in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, about half of us will resolve to change something in 2016, and about half of those resolvers will have given up by Valentine’s Day (that makes sense to me, I mean, the chocolate alone!). In spite of those odds, I love a good couple of New Year’s resolutions. Setting meaningful CLASS goals for the rest of your school or program year don’t have to be overwhelming, in fact, the simpler the better!

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Transitioning CLASS from Pre-K to Infant and Toddler Classrooms

29 Dec 2015

So, your program is using the CLASS observation tool in pre-K classrooms. That’s wonderful! Here are a few things to think about as you consider transitioning to include use of the CLASS at the infant and toddler age levels as well.

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The Entire CLASS Family Moves In! The Journey of One Florida Community’s QRIS

24 Sep 2015

The Beginning

Our QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System) journey began in 2004 in a small office with just three staff. Just like many organizations, we contracted with a consultant to guide us in the implementation of our pilot QRS (Quality Rating System). We assembled quality indicators and requirements galore into eight domains, including ratios, screening and assessment, program operations, learning environment, curriculum, etc. Documents, documents, and more documents were reviewed to assign a star rating for a child care center.

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Parenting with CLASS—Is It Possible?

30 Jul 2015

When I went to my first CLASS training, I was so impressed that someone had found a way to quantify the behaviors and things that I had been doing in my classroom that I thought made me a good teacher. Never before had I been able to put words to what I was doing and the types of interactions I was having. I felt invigorated!

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Observing Mixed-Age Groups at Family Child Care Providers

26 May 2015

Editor’s Note: There are several ways to approach coding in a mixed-age setting. Teachstone’s official recommendation when observing in multi-age settings is to alternate between two age levels in order to capture the experiences of most children and produce independent scores between the age levels. That being said, we are interested in hearing how other organizations approach observations. Which approach you choose depends on lots of factors, like the purpose of the observation, and time or money constraints.

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