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What Teachers Have Inspired You?

05 Oct 2016

It's no surprise that we at Teachstone have been impacted and inspired by many teachers. So, today we wanted to share a little more about who these educators are and how they've made a difference in our lives.


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Bringing Science to CLASS: How Science-based Learning Can Support Classroom Quality

03 Oct 2016

If you’ve ever been to a CLASS training, you’ve probably seen a graph showing a sort of “state of the union” for CLASS scores, the range of scores in each domain that we typically see in pre-K to third grade classrooms across the country. The peak of the curve for Emotional Support sits proudly right between mid and high quality. Classroom Organization is not too far behind it, on the high side of mid. But the Instructional Support curve looks like a sad little turtle in the race to high quality, smack dab in the low range. You can see this in the graph below which shows the average CLASS scores in Head Start pre-K classrooms.

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Top 6 Challenges in Implementing CLASS PD– Establishing Teacher Buy-In

29 Sep 2016

At our recent 2016 InterAct CLASS Summit, we asked a group of educators to share their biggest difficulties in implementing professional development within their organizations. Despite the group’s diverse backgrounds, they reported similar challenges:

  • Buy-in
  • Uneven teacher skill sets
  • Planning and logistics
  • Time
  • Sustainability
  • Costs

We're excited to introduce the next post in our four-post series discussing strategies to help with these common challenges. 

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Digging Deeper in myTeachstone with a Little Help from Sesame Street

28 Sep 2016

To talk about CLASS, you have to start with kids. Beginning anywhere else just doesn’t capture what’s at the heart of CLASS: interactions that help children grow and improve their outcomes.

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The Most Underutilized Page in the CLASS Manual

22 Sep 2016

The Scoring Summary Sheet can offer observers and coaches a lot of insight on what's happening in a classroom during a typical day. Located on page 18 of the Pre-K CLASS Manual, Figure 2.2 shows how to create a summary of all six observational cycles. It also allows coaches to ask data-backed, specific questions like, "What's happening during small group that may be affecting a teacher's behavior management interactions?" 

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4 Steps You Can Take to Get Hired as a CLASS Observer

19 Sep 2016

I had to get CLASS certified for my job, but I’m not really doing anything with it. Is there anything else I can do with my certification?

What a great question. It’s one I’ve heard a few times in the field—an observer was asked to get certified to code once, and then she doesn’t get another opportunity to use her CLASS skills. The good news is that there are paying opportunities for reliable observers.

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Using the CLASS tool as a Roadmap to Decipher Challenging Behavior

15 Sep 2016

I started out thinking I would write about how CLASS can help children who have challenging behavior, and then the thought occurred: that while yes indeed, I am helping children with difficult behaviors, I’m actually using CLASS to take away the focus from the child having the challenging behavior and instead, placing it on the teacher who sets the environment for the child.

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Helping Preschoolers Navigate the Two Worlds of Home & School

13 Sep 2016

The first day of preschool can be as exciting as it is challenging for a young child. While they may not be able to articulate it clearly, children likely have thoughts, concerns and questions such as:

“Why aren't my parents staying with me?”

“Who will I play with?”

“What if my teacher doesn’t like me?’  

“Look at all the toys! I don't have these toys at my house.”

“Why do I have to sit on this spot and wait for my turn. I don’t want to share these blocks!”

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Guidelines for CLASS Video Coding

12 Sep 2016

Conducting CLASS observations via video is valid and acceptable and can be a good fit for many organizations’ needs.

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September Teacher of the Month - Gynna Garrett

09 Sep 2016

Gynna Garrett is a pre-K teacher in Bartow County, GA. As our September Teacher of the Month, I asked Gynna what makes her classroom unique.

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