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Giving Feedback to a Teacher by Stretching Their Brain Muscles: A Coaching Tip

25 Oct 2013

Supporting teachers with the CLASS tool means walking the talk. As we support teachers to help children develop cognitive thinking skills, we can take it up a notch ourselves. Instead of giving advice, question teachers and really listen to their answers. Scaffold with hints and assistance, have in-depth back-and-forth exchanges, prompt teachers to think, provide good information, encourage, and affirm. Provide good Quality of Feedback—don't give the solutions; let the solutions come from the teachers.

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Moving on After the Shutdown

23 Oct 2013

Introducing the Toddler CLASS Train-the-Trainer Program!

21 Oct 2013

Does this sound like you?

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“If I Could Turn Back Time”: How the CLASS Tool Changed the Way I Coach Teachers

18 Oct 2013

I may not be Cher on top of the battleship USS Missouri, but I have sung that famous song "If I Could Turn Back Time” numerous times since becoming a Teachstone MyTeachingPartner™ (MTP) Coach.

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Dealing with Data

14 Oct 2013

Often, there is a collective shudder when we hear the word “data." Number-crunching can be a dry, tedious task, sometimes resulting from concerns over the implications for teachers/providers and programs. But data is power. We need to embrace it. Data drives critical decision making, creates efficiencies in time and money, and turns those dry numbers into thoughtful, dynamic action. Data also allows us to be nimble. With a careful plan for quality CLASS data collection, professional development can be designed to dovetail with teacher/provider growth in critical areas of quality teacher-child interactions.

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Learning about, Measuring, and Improving What Matters

11 Oct 2013

We are thrilled to have Marla Muntner guest blog for us today. Marla has spent most of her professional life supporting teaching and learning—inside and outside of the classroom. She’s worked for newspapers, nonprofits, public schools, and education companies. As the former Marketing and Communications Manager for Teachstone, she thrived on creative work through designing instructional programs, managing complex projects, leading creative teams, and designing engaging communications materials.

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What the Government Should Have Learned in Kindergarten

09 Oct 2013

On September 30th, October 1st, and even October 5th, I was certain that the federal government shutdown would end before I had the opportunity to post my comments on the detrimental impact the shutdown would have on access to and quality of early childhood education programs across the county. I was convinced that our representatives would come together, if for no other reason than to protect those constituents who are most vulnerable in our country—the young children and families living in poverty. Now, on October 8th, it is with a heavy, angry, and concerned heart that I write this blog post.

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What Does QRIS Mean for Your State?

04 Oct 2013

Recently, a Science article assessing over 600 centers in multiple states highlighted that current ways of assigning quality ratings in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) may not differentiate quality levels or predict important child outcomes. In light of that study, it is important to think about how the findings relate to individual states and their systems of quality measurement.

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Setting Direction with MMCI

02 Oct 2013

One day our school’s assistant principal announced that our department would be provided with substitute teachers for an entire week so that we could attend a professional development opportunity. Educators, you know how rarely this happens, so we knew it must be important.

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Miss Matters of CLASS on Positive Climate

30 Sep 2013


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